Celebrating Canadian Film With TMFF

On April 22nd Canadians across the country gathered to celebrate over 100 years of Canadian film. The TMFF brought the modern motorcycle narratives and documentaries that creatively capture the spirit, talent, and legendary Canadian landscape that shapes and inspires us all.

We watched Marauder,  Which Way is East and One Week online and participated in live group chats during the films. Following the films, we had live Q&A chats with their directors: award-winning Michael McGowan, Brendon Rathbone and Blake Sovdi.



Wed Apr 22, 7:00 PM EDT

Run off the road by bandits inside the radiation zone, a lone marauder wanders the highway hellbent on finding the men who took her bike and left her to die. Read more >

Marauder Q&A

Brendon Rathbone & Jordan Scott

Our Q&A with Marauder's director Brendon Rathbone, and writer Jordan Scott.

Which Way is East

Wed Apr 22, 7:45 PM EDT

Two friends and their old, barely running motorcycles set off on a road trip from Edmonton, Alberta to the eastern tip of Nova Scotia and back. Read more >


Blake Sovdi

Our Q&A with Which Way is East's director Blake Sovdi.

One Week

Wed Apr 22, 9:00 PM EDT

A young man decides to postpone treatment for a recent diagnosis and instead takes a cross-country trip on a vintage motorcycle. Read more >

One Week Q&A

Michael McGowan

Our Q&A with One Week's award-winning Director Michael McGowan.


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