2019 Festival Poster

    Unsigned or Signed Versions
    • 12" x 18" printed on 100 lb gloss paper

      Standard poster are unsigned.

      A very limited quantity of signed posters are available signed by the directors, producers and key cast in attendance at the Festival including:

      • Jean Pierre Kathoefer, Director, The Distinguished Genleman
      • Kirsten Midura, Producer, The Distinguished Genleman
      • Vincent Nicolai, Key Cast, The Distinguished Gentleman
      • Emil Duvander, Director, Blue Mountains in the Arctic
      • Mathias Löftquist, Key Cast, Blue Mountains in the Arctic
      • Coleman Smith, Director, Nowhere Fast
      • Andree Ljutica, Director, Jane Love
      • Jane Love, Key Cast, Jane Love
      • Wil Thomas III, Director, They Call Me Cheetah

      There is also a limited imited quantity of signed posters available; signed by:

      • Dave Roper

      Posters are unframed.


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