Beautifully fluid and vibrant, Taylor Pilote's T'nT with it's Can Am reference had it's debut showing at our Fast Forward exhibit.


Taylor Pilote

T'nT (Can Am), 2019

Approximately 38” x 28” x 10”

Aqua resin, aluminum, cold cast aluminum, Harley-Davidson Ironhead brake drum, automotive paint, wood.


About the Artist

Taylor Pilote’s work explores contemporary issues describing them visually. Wall mounted aqua-resin sculptures twist automotive and motorcycle references in an ambiguous and nonlinear way, exploring specialized “editions” within motor-based subcultures. Marketing ads, shop manuals, historical information along with crossovers between his upbringing and car culture folklore provide the inspiration. Pilote’s work juxtaposes growing up in his father’s low-brow auto garage with exploring how contemporary culture engages with symbols of independence, freedom, craftsmanship, customization and nostalgia.

Taylor Pilote, T'nT (Can Am)

    • T'nT, 2019, Aqua resin, aluminum, cold cast aluminum, brake drum, a​utomotive paint, approx  38" x 28" x 10"


    NOTE: This item is for pickup in Toronto only at Birch Contemporary. Once your order has been placed, we will contact you to make arrangements. If shipping is required, please contact us at to arrange.


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