They Call Me Cheetah

Directed by Wil Thomas III

SHORT DOCUMENTARY | 4 minutes | World Premiere

A visual poem about motorcycle builder Toshiyuki Osawa and the 1944 Indian Chief, named "Silver Arrow", he built for Larry Smith and unveiled at Born Free Motorcycle Show. Famed motorcycle builders Shinya Kimura and Mitsuhiro Kiyonaga opine on the build and the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship and its place in the international motorcycle community.

Film Info

Premiere: World

Release Year: 2019

Runtime: 4 minutes

Language: English

Country: United States

Connect: Web


Director: Wil Thomas III

Cinematographer: Joshua Makes

Editor: Lauren Schneider

Original Score: Rocco DeLuca

Larry Smith Visual Director: Masa Inoue

Key Cast: Toshiyuki Osawa, Shinya Kimura, Mitsuhiro Kiyonaga